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Frequently Asked Questions - Station Imaging...

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, 2004 6:37 pm    Post subject: Frequently Asked Questions - Station Imaging... Reply with quote

Arrow Where do I get the station's jingles from?
When you sign up to present on CMP Radio and your application is approved you will be sent a link in your welcome email containing the link to our Imaging Library. Keep this link safe and make sure you check back for the latest additions.

If you do lose the link, please email with your CMP Radio username and the details will be sent to you.

Arrow What do the different names mean, and what are they all for?

There are a number of different types of imaging in our library, each designed for a different use.

Arrow Sweepers
Sweepers are jingles made up of a spoken voice mixed with effects. They're designed to go between two songs - playing over the "outro" of one, and the "intro" of the other. They help the presenter to sweep two songs together

Arrow Stagers
Stagers, like sweepers feature a spoken voice, but are accompanied by a beat or a short piece of music. They can be used between two songs that have a "hard" ending - one that does not fade at the end, and one that begins with singing or a strong beat.

Arrow Stabs
Stabs are also useful for putting between songs with hard endings and intros. They can be used when you want a quick transition between two songs, or to punctuate a music bed (the music you use under you speaking) and go into a song.

Arrow Music Mixes and Promos
These can be used to break up your show and promote other shows on the station. Try not to play too many of these in an hour or two many one after the other.

Also remember that at the beginning of each hour, promos and adverts are played after the news. Therefore, starting your show with promos is not a good idea as this may duplicate what has already been said.

Arrow Sung Jingles

We have a number of different "cuts" of sung jingles. Each cut is a different musical arrangement, and there are various "mixouts" of each cut. These include...

Arrow Jingles
These are the full mixes of each sung jingle, they can be used like stagersbetween two songs.

Arrow Talkups
These can be used for short links as there is a small amount of music before the singing at the end.

Arrow Donuts
They're called this because they are jingles with a whole. You can use these to insert a small voiceover of your name or your show name for example.

Arrow Stabs
These are the shortest mixes of each jingle, see the usage notes for stabs above.

Arrow Sweep Start jingles
These jingles start with a voiceover introduction (like sweepers) and the sung jingle backing fades in, ending with singing. These are designed for playing as a song is fading to go into another song or link

Arrow Sung Mix jingles
These jingles feature our station voiceover set to the beat of the jingles, they provide a little more variety to the basic sung variations, and can be used like standard sung jingles or stagers.

Arrow I've heard some jingles on air, but they're not available in the Imaging Library, where do I get these from

Some of the jingles are only made available to Silver and Gold status presenters, they may be jingles or promos that apply only for a short period of time (a show launch, or a special seasonal playlist for example) so that they do not get overplayed, being available to so many presenters. Some jingles are only used in the station's automation system and are not available for download.

Arrow Can I make my own jingles?

Yes, you can. However, if it contains the CMP Radio name or any derivation of it, it must be approved by CMP Radio Management. You can email your jingles/promos as an email attatchment or via a link to

No imaging aired must contain music licenscened under the MCPS production only act (e.g. - V-theproductionlibrary, KPM, Chappell Music etc.). If you are unsure if the music you are using falls under this category, also please email for clarification.

Arrow How do I get my promo in the Imaging Library

Promos in the imaging library are only those for Gold presenters, or station playlists and events. If you have made your own promo and it has been approved you can distribute it between presenters to play, there is a thread in the General Chat forum for posting a link if you wish.

There is also an ongoing scheme for bronze and silver presenters to be featured into a number of promos available to download (see the Presenter Promos in the Imaging Library). If you would like to be featured in the next batch of promos, you can send a short dry clip (no background music of effects) describing your show, and a short description of the music you play to

Please note that these promos are not constantly updated, and you may have to wait for a space to become available in one for you to be featured.

Arrow Who makes the station's jingles?

All imaging is produced by our production team, with our voiceovers Phil Johnson (who really loves Mr. Whippy Ice Cream, by the way) Nora Green and Alison Edmunds.

Sung Jingles have been originally composed and produced by an independent production company with additional beds and news themes produced in house by our team exclusively for CMP Radio.
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